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Telecommunication is a unique sector that has been growing fast in Tanzania. Apart from offering exciting business opportunities, it is also an engine for further business growth. However, this sector is also under the intensive regulation of the national telecom regulator. This requires expatriate support in ensuring compliance and addressing related issues. Our experts are ready to advise on the licensing regime, spectrum rights and management, access and interconnection, numbering resources, and quality of services. 

We also guide telecom firms in handling their consumers’ affairs and ensuing disputes. As a plus, we are set to advise firms on investing in new technologies, broadband policies, potential mergers and acquisitions, data protection, and management, among others. Our long-term experience in this field gives us the confidence to handle all legal and regulatory matters relating to mobile payments. Our international exposure will add value to addressing those cross-border aspects of the sector, such as firms’ vertical integration or international connectivity.